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CyberKnife Stereotactic Radiosurgery is a medical procedure that utilizes very accurately targeted doses of radiation to precisely treat cancer. This noninvasive “operation” has proven to be an effective alternative to surgery or conventional radiation for treating many small tumors.



In contrast to the standard frame-based radiosurgical instruments, the CyberKnife uses noninvasive image-guided localization and a robotic delivery system. This combination of technologies enables the CyberKnife to overcome the limitations of older frame-based radiosurgery.

The CyberKnife belongs to a new class of radiotherapy techniques called IGRT (image-guided radiotherapy). The CyberKnife is unique in that it uses a compact linear accelerator (LINAC) mounted on an image-guided robotic arm to deliver multiple beams of high energy x-rays to a target. The ability of the CyberKnife to shape the profile of radiation to conform to the patient’s individual anatomy allows for maximum sparing of surrounding normal tissues. The CyberKnife accomplishes this by accurately cross-firing approximately 150 beams of radiation at the target from multiple directions. The CyberKnife technology represents an improvement upon the most advanced conventional radiation therapy techniques. Similar to Intensity Modulated Radiotherap (IMRT), CyberKnife can produce a highly conformal dose distribution that “matches” the shape of treatment area and spares adjacent tissue.

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CyberKnifeConditions treated with CyberKnife include: