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Cancer Types

Cancer typesWith access to all the latest technologies, WellSpring Oncology has the ability to create specific treatment protocols for each patient, maximizing the likelihood of tumor control while minimizing the chance of side effects or complications.

Our staff is available to answer any of your questions. If you’d like to read more about cancer types and cancer treatment, the following information will get you started.

- For patients needing whole brain irradiation, the memory sparing techniques available with Tomotherapy may reduce side effects. For those with localized tumors, the options of radiosurgery with either Gamma Knife or Cyberknife improve the chances for controlling the tumor with the fewest possible side effects. Read more about brain cancer.

- Using more sophisticated IMRT techniques, it is possible to treat the whole breast with increasing safety, and by using accelerated partial breast irradiation (e.g., Mammosite), it may be possible to complete the radiation in five days rather than six weeks.Read more about breast cancer.

- For patients with limited cancer, radiosurgery with Cyberknife may result in cure rates similar to surgery. For patients with more advanced cancer, more sophisticated targeting using image guided IMRT (e.g., Tomotherapy) allows for the delivery of high doses of radiation with lower risks of complications. Endobronchial HDR may be an option for some lung cancer situations.Read more about lung cancer.

Metastatic cancer - If cancer cells get into the bloodstream they can spread to other organs. This is called metastases or commonly stage IV disease. Read more about metastatic cancer.

Prostate cancer - For those with prostate cancer and who are candidates for external beam irradiation, the ART techniques available with Tomotherapy far surpass what is available with more conventional IMRT or IGRT techniques. Many men will be candidates for seed implants either alone or in combination with external beam. Some men may be candidates for newer radiosurgical techniques such as Cyberknife where the treatment can be completed in 1 week rather than 8. Read more about prostate cancer.

- Many patients can avoid surgery with electron beam irradiation treatment and admire high cure rates and excellent cosmetic results. Newer HDR techniques provide convenience with completing radiation treatment in a few days rather than weeks.Read more about skin cancer.

- Using the Varian machine with both IMRT and IGRT techniques and then Tomotherapy (ART) it has become possible to improve throat cancer cure rates and lower side effects more than ever before.Read more about head, neck and throat cancer.

Should you desire information about specific types of cancer not listed here, click here for an extensive list.

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